(Enjoy some paintings and explanation with reference to Reiki symbols.)


Personal background:

Being of Egyptian and Austrian decent (growing up with Egyptian and Austrian parents); I have been shaped by an open minded, tolerant and artistic environment with influences of architecture, painting and creativity from a fairly early age. My family was influenced by the idea of livinig in the way of “art noveau”. I feel strongly connected to “Jugendstil” (art noveau) and its credo, “When people are surrounded by beautifully designed art, style, and living elements, and positive thoughts, they feel better.”


From early age I was interested in old spiritual knowledge, with a special interest in ancient Egyptian philosophie *). In my teens I collected Confucius’ lyrics, later I loved the books of Richard Bach (the Seagull, Illusions, et al) and Dale Carnegie. Recently I think the "Hermetic Laws"*) and the ancient wisdom of the “Tabula Samaragdina”*) are interesting to read. In my early thirties I was introduced to Reiki which accompanies me until today. My first grade initiation was 1998, the second grade 2003. I worked for several years with Reiki. While this time I additionally learned about and tested other techniques, I gained more knowledge and found that most of the "newer" techniques based on the old philosophy. Finally about 6 years ago I felt myself ready to be Reiki Master and teacher. I had the great opportunity to get the initiations at Crete in a very special way and from a very special teacher and friend: on the border of day and night, at a spiritual place in the mountains and in the sea.


As an artist I intend to express moods, emotions and energy in my paintings. My works of art includes abstract and realistic paintings made with acrylic color as well as collages and drawings with graphite pencils and pastel chalks.

Furthermore, my artwork includes the design of clothing, textiles and furniture; and last but not least, making of jewels using semi-precious stones.

*)The Egyptian Philosophy outlived the downfall of the ancient Egyptian empire. Their philosophy was taken over by Jewish Kabala, later by the Greek school of “Hermetiker” (Hermes Trismegistos = mergence of Greek God Hermes and the Egyptian God Thoth / founder of the "Hermetic law").

Reiki 1 for me is the most important grade and the most beautiful in its simplicity. In our course you will learn how to use Reiki for yourself and others through touching contact of your hands. This knowledge will be available for you at the end of the training. You will be able to use the Reiki energy on all levels of your health. Any person can learn and use Reiki from childhood to old ages independent from health, wisdom or any other abilities.

The training offers you practical, theoretical and spiritual knowledge.

In the theoretical part we will inform you about the history, the function, and the benefit of Reiki.

You will learn how to strengthen your health from a holistic view, your body, soul and spirit.

The practical part will include a detailed explanation and practice of self-treatment and treatment for others. If you are interested we'll show you even how to treat your pets and plants.

While the course we will also enjoy a mental journey to some some of the "temple of lights". If you are interested you will be advised how to visit the Akasha Chronic; how to prepare yourself, your room and the area around you for a meditation; the use of herbs and woods.

The main part are the four initiations of each participant.

At the end of the seminar you will have the ability to help yourself anytime and anywhere.

Included in the seminar is:

  • Written seminar summary, information on medical articles
  • Copies of Meditation journeys
  • Painting materials
  • Voucher for a 50 % reduction on a Reiki consultation while the Training week
  • Preview of the next Reiki grades.

Molino del Rey -Retreat Center , Malaga - Spain

Please find energetic paintings for Reiki in the folder: Fotos / 2014 / digital